Brockwell Smith LLC

Address: 2100 1st Ave N Suite 300 Birmingham AL 35203 United States of America
Phone: 2058008500
Email: greg@brockwellsmith.com
Website: https://www.brockwellsmith.com

Brockwell Smith LLC was formed for one purpose, to deliver personal service and results for our clients. In these days of the “Big Law” firm, we’ve found that many clients come to us frustrated by the lack of personal attention, value, efficiency, and results that they’ve experienced elsewhere. Our vision is of the modern yet service-based law firm, where innovation and technology allow us to remove the clutter and enjoy a one-on-one relationship with each client, striving together toward a common goal. Some clients may need us for years, and some only for a single dispute or transaction. Regardless, we hope that each will leave feeling well-served and better off than they were when we first met. That is the daily challenge we’ve set for ourselves.

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