Peacock Business Solutions

To my fine feathered clients and friends:
I provide the very best marketing and consulting for my clients. Clients come to us when they are in need of printing, promotional items or graphic design. We do it all !!
I have built my business with positive relationships based on mutual respect and strong business ethics. In this day and time of just emailing and texting to your clients, I talk to them and find out what they need, want, and what is on their wish list to market their business--always staying within their budget.
No "button pushing" here. All orders and phone calls are taken by live human beings!!
It's all about the client. At my office we are high energy and it is an "event" to come and see all the fun promotional items we have. The whole office is decked out with peacock items and my clients love to come and see what all we have to offer. They also leave with a peacock feather and some other fun items of the week.
Stop by to see us and see what everyone is talking about. Customer Service is not just a term for us. We love what we do and you will love how we help your business grow.
Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lindie Yardley, aka "Head Chick in Charge"


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Lindie Yardley