Lawnmark Plus

Located in Amherst, NH Lawnmark Plus is a locally owned and operated company that does one thing and one thing only—provide residences and businesses with thick green and weed free lawns.

Environmental Commitment
It’s hard to spend any amount of time with any of our managers, employees or applicators without immediately sensing the environmental commitment of Lawnmark Plus culture. The vast majority of us have been in an industry that has largely been under attack for quite some time … and in most cases rightfully so!
The Lawnmark Environmental Commitment revolves around a few things that may surprise you. It’s well known that healthy turf grass:
Can provide a natural and safe setting for families, sports and activities.
Releases oxygen that cools the environment.
Acts as a buffer to purify our water supply.
Increases the value of our homes and businesses.
Traps dust and dirt and absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment.
Acts as a natural air conditioner to create a cooling effect on hot summer days.
Provides peace, tranquility and quiet to our overburdened and busy lives.
As an organization Lawnmark Plus promises to never use products or methods that will call into question the positive environmental impact that turf grass has on our lives. We commit to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, we commit to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides that cause damage to our environment. We commit to using organic methods and products whenever possible to ensure that our environment is preserved for years to come.

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