Pest Free USA

9800 Mount Pyramid Court, Suite 400 Englewood CO 80112 United States
+1 303 256 8088

Pest Free USA is the major supplier of electronic pest control systems helping to keep rodents and other pests at bay. If ever you have an issue with rodents or other pests in your home, workplace, or business, then our plug-in pest control units are the simple answer for both domestic pest control, and commercial pest control. Our electronic rodent repellent is safe for children and family pets including cats and dogs and makes a hostile environment for rodents which will drive them out of your premises. It works by plugging the device into an electrical socket, producing a magnetic field that rodents don't like. For additional information on any of our products you can get in touch with us on Tel: 1-888-272-5888 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with your questioning.

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