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Hi, I'm Nicholas, owner of NanaDC.

Because of my interest with the innovation of technology and durability rolled into a single wrist watch, reviewing different watches became my hobby.

Through these newly-acquired info, I knew that the style of watch you wear through the day, or in your whole life, could greatly affect how you live your life on a daily basis.

The reviews created on this site were meticulously researched. A few are even created of my own experience with such watches.

Safe to say I have been through some brand's site numerous times that I can identify whether they updated their site or not. Visiting the comments section on prominent and reliable online shops have also been a part of my routine.

More than anything, evaluating different watches is my way of assisting others who were as clueless as I am the very first time I decided to buy my first legit watch. It was a result of my hard-earned money, so I preferred my very first luxurious watch to be memorable and made with only the best materials.

A watch is not just a piece of accessory you wear, it could also be your bestfriend.

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