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We manage 14 Drug Testing Clinics and mobile collection services throughout the Greater London area. Each offers a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing services, while chosen clinics offer counselling and therapy solutions.

The most popular drug testing services in London consist of: Urine Drug Testing - both point of care (POC) and laboratory testing, Oral fluid Drug Testing, Hair Drug Tests and a combination of alcohol testing that includes both breath, saliva or blood samples. Furthermore, each drug test can be used for a wide range of purposes, these involve: Private Drug and Alcohol Testing for individuals seeking to affirm abstinence; Workplace drug testing, including random, pre-employment and 'For Cause' - either on site at your business premises, or off-site at a clinic location. All Laboratory drug testing is lawfully defensible, and may be used for court reasons.

For private individual drug testing for court purposes, UK courts recommend Hair samples for drug and alcohol tests. This is because the drug detection window can return many months to determine drug and/or alcohol use. Furthermore, hair can be divided to produce a month by month study if asked for. Appointments for the collection of hair samples could be generated through our head office for any of the London locations.

Workplace drug testing is on the increase in London. As well as the traditional safety critical industries like construction and rail, many service established industries are also performing drug and alcohol testing into their business. Therefore, the requirement for such services in the Greater London area has taken off in recent years. This is the main reason why we now have 14 locations in Greater London, delivering the very best possible coverage to fulfill the demand for drug testing services. In addition, we also offer safety critical and PTS workplace medicals at selected Medical Centres in London.

Drug Testing Clinics London, is part of Crystal Health Group. All drug and alcohol testing services are certified to ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001. In addition the company is licensed to perform drug and alcohol testing for Network Rail. Furthermore, being licensed to ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems, ensures we follow all GDPR requirements, providing you with confidence that your personal data is safe. All laboratory testing is conducted in UKAS 17025 Accredited laboratory centers here in the UK.

With our convenient locations, ISO certified and authorized processes and fast consultation times and reporting times, we have quickly turned into known as a trusted company for delivering drug testing services in London and the UK. Call right away for a no obligation estimate by speaking to a qualified Clinical Adviser.

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