Weighless MD

Weighless MD at Kenosha, WI offers a variety of weight control services in the Milwaukee Metro area including a personalized diet plan as well as other tools used to meet your goal weight every month. Individual results may vary. Our team comprised of board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and dietitians will help you learn about portion control, how to curb emotional eating, improve food choices, and use exercise to achieve and maintain your goal weight.

We also know that affordability can be an issue when it comes to a weight loss and weight maintenance program. Our programs can be tailored to fit all your needs and most insurance companies now cover nutritional counseling and preventative medicine testing.

By creating a safe, effective weight loss system to address each person’s weight loss goals and issues on an individual level, our goal is to make a difference among all of us who struggle with their weight.

Weighless MD is headed by Cheri Stoka, RDN, CD, a weight loss Kenosha expert that provides optimal weight loss diet plans that fits your lifestyle! Visit or contact us to learn what we can do for you!

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