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Groomed Trail was made to be used as a centralized tool, for snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts, to precisely plan trips based upon proximity, trail schedule, conditions, local points of interest and to also book accommodations. Additionally, we have integrated online forums, news, events and classified sections into the site, to influence additional collaboration within the Groomed Trail community.
We have likewise integrated a function to upload and store your own GPS trail data for trip planning, sharing with other Groomed Trail members, and also for historical reference.
The website is 100% crowdsourced, implying that all registered users have the opportunity to send a trail report, or report specific issues of a trail segment. By crowdsourcing this type of information, it will help always keep the community ready to any issues that may impact their safety, or may help aid their decisions with trip planning.

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Village Of Clarkston, MI 48348 USA

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