Clique Studios

410 S Michigan Ave. Suite 801 Chicago, Illinois 60605 United States

Clique Studios is an award-winning design and engineering agency. We create digital experiences for high-growth organizations. From day one, our philosophy has been simple: BUILD SOMETHING

We put the growth of our work and our people ahead of any other definition of growth.

We believe that if we selectively hire, create opportunities like Clique University and Clique Ventures to get better every day, and truly invest ourselves in our client’s goals, good things will follow.

We spend our time at the intersection of people and technology. Understanding the people is how we’ll continue to create meaningful work that impacts millions every day. Understanding the technology is how we’ll help organizations be innovators.

We’ve been fortunate to grow 1500% over the last 5 years. We haven’t taken investment or relied on any short-term strategies to get there. For a decade, every year has been bigger and better than the last.

But that’s not why we’re here. Ultimately, we’re here because of why we started: to build great things, and to do it for organizations that want to grow.

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