Offroad Trucks Australia

Address: 25 Garnet Way, Maddington, WA 6109 Australia
Phone: (08) 9459 8911
Website: https://www.offroadtrucks.com.au/
Email: tatra@offroadtrucks.com.au

Offroad Trucks Australia (OTA) is the top importer and manufacturer for TATRA Trucks-- heavy duty off road vehicles made in the Czech Republic. We're glad to be coordinated with TATRA as their exclusive partner Australasia wide for 20 years running. Our products are world distinguished for their special design, verified minimal downtime, longer life, lower total operating costs, and undefeated performance in all conditions. Far apart from other standardized heavy duty vehicles, we have the artistic and technological capability to make and set up fit for purpose trucks to match your specific requirements. The end result is a furnished off road vehicle that includes extraordinary driving conditions, comfort and protection.

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