Wine Wednesday Global

Going Global: A Platform for Open Source Philanthropy

Recognising that we have happened upon a model that “works” we believe it’s time to share our simple formula with others so that others can replicate and adapt Wine Wednesday to their communities.

In this light we have set September 14th 2016 for Wine Wednesday Global where we are inviting individuals around the world to try out this model for raising money and awareness and bringing people together to support important initiatives within their communities.

All recognised Wine Wednesday events will be showcased on an interactive online map and will receive a playbook and on-going support for organising their event. Together we hope to raise over $20 000 in one evening for important causes throughout the world.

Our hope is that others will be inspired to take up this model to showcase and raise funds for the incredible work being done by local organisations around the world!


Sign up here to host a Wine Wednesday in your city! Our only criteria is that the event should:

1. Support a local organisation addressing socio-economic issues
2. At least 70% of funds raised at the event should go to the organisations (we recommend 100%)
3. Organisations supported should be a-political and grassroots

Have an idea for an organisation that fits this criteria? Register today and once approved we will provide you with a step-by-step Wine Wednesday Playbook for setting up your event!

Questions? Contact us at winewednesdaytlv@gmail.com or sign up!

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