Social Hops Growing Locations

Social Hops Growing Locations in Ireland.
Please feel free to add locations, images, events & comments about growing hop plants in Ireland.
Social Hops Project: Why grow hops as a community project ?
Growing hops is an unusual way of introducing people to the wonders & benefits of growing your own. Cultivating hops close to the brewer can reduce the beer miles associated with the import of additional hop ingredients. Currently Irish brewers mostly import their hops from around the world which is currently suffering a global hop crop failure of 25% in 2015, there are a small amount of innovative brewers in Ireland growing hops but for their own supply and in very limited amounts, we hope to be able to example the need for more local hop production in Ireland. By growing hops collectively, Social Hops aims to enable a more local hop economy with mutual benefits for both the growers & brewers. And what better a way to celebrate this green economy then with a Local Wet Hopped Beer brewed within 24 hours of Social Hops collaboratively being harvested in the city by the participating growers.

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