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Tilers Place is the only internet resource dedicated to providing free and in-depth tiling tutorials and tiling tool reviews. From house DIY lovers to professional tile setters from worldwide, Tilersplace.com has all the understanding and pointers for anyone to discover the art of tile laying and tile upkeep.

Discover Industry Level Tile Laying Tutorials, Gear Guides & A Lot More!

The best part about the website is that there are definitely no subscription costs, no signs up essential or e-mail list. Just look for the details you desire and start finding out. Simply make sure to bring your ability to discover and use the website in whichever method you please! In 24 hours you can discover how to change a tile, how to grout utilizing a grout float, repair tiles to a wall or flooring and any other task you have around the house.

Navigating the site is easy, simply use the search bar located on the homepage or above the content and type in your tiling concern. Several posts will then turn up and provide all the information that you require.

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About Tilers Place
Tilersplace.com is a life long goal and enthusiasm job started by Carl Anders. With over 25 years experience in laying tiles professionally over three continents, he desired somewhere to share the knowledge he acquired. Without any kids of his own to pass the understanding onto, he felt that somebody could gain from his experience and get the answer to concerns he needed to discover on his own.

Carl likewise discovered an enormous absence of proper tile tutorials and tiling tool evaluations on the internet. The sites that were talking about tiles were sorely lacking in detail or meaningful comment about tile setup and task management.

Numerous tile reviews were misinforming with tool tutorials mentioned irrelevant or incorrect elements of the tile tools, making new comers waste hours on attempting to discover appropriate approaches. Resident requiring education on easy things like how to cut tiles throughout tile installation would find out of techniques employed thirty years earlier. This and many other aspects added to Carl starting a website about tile installation, tutorials and flooring & wall tiles.

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