REstore TMJ & Sleep Therapy

1001 Medical Plaza Dr #200 The Woodlands TX 77380 United States
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Dr. Phillips at REstore TMJ & Sleep Therapy focuses her Houston, TX area dental practice solely to the treatment of TMJ and Orofacial Pain issues and Sleep Apnea. For TMJ we pursue the most conservative, researched based treatments for TMJ issues (jaw pain, jaw popping, jaw locking, grinding, clenching, headache, orofacial pain). TMJ is chronic condition and our goal is to effectively manage the symptoms and avoid further damage to the jaw joint as to avoid larger pain concerns and surgery. For sleep apnea, we provide Oral Appliance Therapy which is used as a 1st line treatment option for people with mild or moderate sleep apnea and as a 2nd line treatment option for those people who are not compliant with CPAP or that would prefer an alternative.

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