Paper Girl

Keeping in touch via greeting cards is the sweetest way to express emotions such as love, appreciation, condolences, achievement, and even gratitude. Unfortunately, we lost it meanwhile growing up.

Now we live a world of digital communication and the internet where virtual greetings can be easily shared. But, a greeting card sent via postal mail can draw a better impact on both the sender and the receiver. Also, they can keep those cards in their albums or drawers and create wonderful memories.

Here, with paper girl YouTube channel, you will find a way of making a variety of greeting cards for different occasions. Choose the best paper crafts and let your close ones feel special.

Celebration Time:
Birthday wishes, Anniversary, New Year greetings, Christmas cards, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Independence Day, etc.

Handmade Pop-up Artwork: With the addition of fun paper popup, handmade cards in 3D look

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