Urban IT Services

Address: 2 Southbank Blvd, Southbank, Melbourne, VIC 3006, Australia
Phone: 1300 477 814
Email: james@urbanitservices.com.au
Website: https://www.urbanitservices.com.au/

IT Support can be found in several forms, we can give you lots of different IT support options making sure that your firm is running smoothly. We have a dedicated support line and ticketing system and can travel in order to solve your issues.

Your business shouldn't have IT worries or issues, you should be able to do the things you specialize in whilst we assist you to develop your business by maintaining it rock solid, always on the internet and issue free. We understand that every single business is different and therefore we can tailor you a budget-friendly solution and become your new favorite IT support company in the process.

Talk to us regarding how we can assist or even rescue you, IT support and setup are what we do. We are conveniently Melbourne based but we are happy to travel.

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